All our free graphic resources are available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
We will not be ask you to use the attribution. We will appreciate if you use the link back of our resource page. If you want to credit us then you can copy this link on your website
You may:
Our graphic resources may be used for personal and commercial projects. You can modify or manipulate our resources as needed.
You may not:
You can not sell, sub license, rent or distribute the files (or changes versions). While using graphic resources the main topic is not our design. Keep the source file of resources (or changes versions) with you and do not give it to anyone else. Do not use the graphic resources file for spam mailings, pornographic, illegal or immoral purposes.
You may share:
Our graphic resources can be shared on your website and Blog but for download the resources you must link back to our specific resource page on After clicking on the download button users will have to come to our website to download the resource file. The users can easily find the link of our specific resource page from your blog. You can not offer to download our resources file directly from your website.
We will not be legally responsible for misusing our graphic resources.
If there are any questions regarding this licenses, you may contact us by visiting the contact information page